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Stacey Reynolds

Blue Yoga Nyla
Yoga Therapist
Little Rock, AR
Stacey Reynolds is the president and operator of Blue Yoga Nyla Inc. and BYN Registered Yoga School. She is an ERYT500, C-IAYT, RPYT, and RCYT. Her own journey to yoga originated from a place of healing. There was something about the practice that was vital to her breaking free from health issues and a lifelong history of anxiety and depression.

The practice was never about the shapes Stacey could put her body in, or the elaborate poses that some work so hard to master. It was always about moving energy; moving energy into under-investigated places in her being, and letting go of what no longer serves her. Stacey's mat was a sanctuary and her practice a holy experience.

She works with therapists and doctors who treat those with depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, addiction, chronic illness, and end-of-life special needs. She travels to facilities to reach those that would not otherwise be able to practice. She has a Senior Adult class that began in January of 2002 that is still going strong today and led to her current love, yoga therapy with senior adults and end of life compassionate yoga.

"I teach because it is my soul's contract. I would cease to exist if I did not teach. It is holy and completely out of obedience."